Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crappy Mood

Im in a crappy mood, im in a good mood on my own i mean, its just everyone else in this house is DRIVING ME CRAZY!!! I dont know why exactly. Its just everyone seems edgy , maybe its cause the heat is making us not do much. But still, come on. I need to get these kids out of the house and doing something. I think i need to take a shower, bc im so freakin irritable . Blah blah blah, sometimes i just want NO NOISE. Its just like everyone is bitchin about something, get over it, im the one that does everything around here, im the one that pays for EVERYTHING. and thats not a generalization, thats the truth. Im the one that cleans, makes sure everything is done, makes and brings them to all the appointments, pays the rent, car payment, insurance , to make sure we all live. SHUT UP .
If someone has a complaint about the computer, shut up, i paid for it, its mine, we wouldnt have it to complain about if it werent for me. i dont even use it,- the big hp touchscreen awesome 1000 computer, no i sit here on my laptop- god freakin forbid. SHUT UP. i bought your iphone, sorry its freezing up, most kids dont have one. blah blah blah.