Monday, July 25, 2011

Lots of organizing to do- ADD issues

I hate it when i let it get like this. OUT OF CONTROL with the paperwork. Since we live in a "luxury apartment home" hehe, there isnt alot of extra room. So i guess i made my "woman cave" on the far side of the sofa by the window. I have my laptop on the coffee table , actually i take up the whole coffee table, and then to my left is a basket with pretty folders, organizers, planners, envelopes, etc- get the drift. Now if thats not enough, i have papers and magazines covering the floor between the sofa and my big basket!! Its so much. Thats one of my big problems, i try so hard to organize i overdo it on buying organizing tools. I like pretty, colorful ones, supposedly useful to my ADD- HMMM? Every now and then i go through all this stuff and actually organize it lol. Right now, its at a low point.
And btw, did i tell you about a month ago when i decided it would be a good idea to sell jewelry! OMG, i havent committed myself to something like that in a long time. Knowing as i was doing it that i had reservations in the back of my head. Should have listened to myself. So i tried and paid the money for the jewelry- like 200 or something and apparently i didnt fill it all out so i ended up with a big box of order sheets, catalogs, phamplets, cards, you name it, but NO jewelry hahah. Anyway i still havent fixed this issue and now i absolutely positively dont want to be committed to anything more than i have to be!! Hopefully i'll get most of my money back. Impulsiveness not controlled SUCKS. And as im thinking of this, ive secretly been very upset that i cant find my planner, calendar, im pretending im not upset, like its here somewhere, but What if its not? SHIT. Maybe if i straightened up this mess id find it.
And now im seeing all the back to school sales, i dont think i need much, but the impulsive shopper that i am cant hold back. UGH. I have so much to do. Make dentist, doctor etc appts, get forms filled out, make the boys READ. This is such a challenge, thank god i only work weekends. Well i guess id better get organizing while my brain appears to be awake.