Friday, July 29, 2011

A quick update!!

HEY all, so yesterday, i was grouchy, i dont remember if i told you, i was irritable, mean, sensitive to touch, etc. I had increased my viibryd to 20mg as ordered but had stopped the other .Well i woke up today and im still grouchy, sensitive to touch- its sad but cute- my one boy loves to snuggle with me alot , ya know on the couch he'll just put his head on arm etxc. I guess i taught him to be like that! Im a snuggler , cuddler, so ive been like- no honey, not right now and hes all like "What?" . So i explained that it wasnt him ,it was me and the new medications i started are making me feel that way. He's like- well what are you gonna do? I said, "IM stopping the medicine, and he said, Good . I said, how could i not be a cuddler. so hes waiting for me to get back to normal. Isnt that sad?  One problem, ive come to a conclusion that its not just the new meds making me feel this way inside. Its the fact that this happened before- when i went off of my prozac. I've been off of it now for about a month and im realizing that although it didnt make me HAPPY, it made me feel "not like this" sad face, right now. IM trying hard to fight this feeling but its like a pit in my stomach.
So, ill call doc, stat!! gotta go, ill write later!