Friday, July 15, 2011

Its 2am

I had a great time shopping, although my son did nothing but rush me along. Note to self, dont bring boys on leisure shopping trip. So i bought the usual food stuff, cleaning products, and then i bought myself a new blanket- remember im trying to get my bedroom back to par, with the new pillowtop mattress pad etc. So its a really soft, egyptian cotton light cocoa colored blanket/quilt. I put it on top of my comforter and layered it down so its at the bottom, b/c i love the feel of my comforter against my skin to sleep. no sheet b/t us. Its the best comforter ever, perfect heaviness, etc. I do miss my bed. I;ve just got to make the rest of my bedroom feel like my bed. Heavenly.
So i cleaned alot, with my new cleaning products, looked at some mail, and now im sitting here on the couch watching Sex and the City - from 2000. with my laptop and my one cat, Ivory, the one that never leaves my side- even when i threaten her. Cleaning around here is never finished tho.
And i cant believe tomorrow is Friday, the day before my work weekend. the dreaded 2 12's. Get ready for the backache, and the footache and the inability to sleep more than an hour or two.
Now im hungry, realizing i didnt eat anything today. snackwells caramel popcorn yummy what a meal....
i guess shopping did help after all.