Monday, July 25, 2011

Alert: Impulsive shopper on the loose!!!

Enough! I've got to stop it now. I've gotten grossly involved in researching on the net, on one of my usual topics- ADHD. I have it but my 12yr old was just recently diagnosed and it was a HORRIBLE school year- so now we have diagnosis and he is on meds and I cant have another year like last- esp since my 10 yr old is starting a new school and i dont know what is in store for him. So anyway, ive been researching vigorously all night- 10 tabs open on the laptop, and clicking Paypal every time i found something great to download that will help. I think i spent alot of money in the past 12 hours. Damn- i hate it when i do this. I mean i guess its like buying books- and anything that is enriching my knowledge base and will help my son ( and me too!) is worth it. I can convince myself pretty easily huh.
Then my eyes keep wandering to the apple site and i keep wanting the white iphone4. I have the 3gs now and its just beat. I need a new phone. I think im eligible for upgrade in sept, but I CANT wait that long! Torture. So who knows, by the end of the week, who knows. I can give my phone to my son, just without the phone. Thats what he wants anyway and why buy the little guy an expensive, breakable new ipod touch when i can hand down mine and get a sparkling spanking new white one!!!
Damn, i wanted to go to Target today too. What is wrong with me, Im overtired, overstimulated and impulsively shopping away. I'll stop now. No more, for real. Im strong enough - HMM maybe a Caramel Frappuccino  (sp?) from Starbucks would cure a latte mommy. LOL.